Throughout the course of a life so many people have an impact, make a difference, provide meaning. But more often than not, most of them seldom hear “Thank You”, not because we’re ungrateful per se, but because sometimes we fail to recognize their impact or worse, we take it for granted that they know we are grateful.

My list is too long, the names are too many, the favors and acts of kindness are waaaayyyyyy too many to recount. And if I’m being honest, my memory would fail me should I attempt the exercise of naming them all.

Nevertheless, thank you to everyone who has ever had an impact, made a difference. Whether it was as small an act as a “Happy Birthday” on Facebook, clicking ‘Like’ on a photo, proffering up a compliment/encouragement/some morsel of wisdom, or a more herculean task like wrangling with me through my moments of pain, despair, loss or self doubt  as I navigate this journey called life – I am eternally grateful.

Because whether I am conscious of it or not, every bit of it mattered and continues to matter. Every action, as if perfectly timed by mother universe – the kindness of a stranger, hospitality in a foreign land, a phone call from someone I haven’t spoken to in forever but needed to hear from – always occurs right when it’s needed. And sometimes I revisit them in moments of despair to remind myself that I am valued, that I matter, that I am loved and that I am enough.

It seems quaint to type this ‘thank you note’ on this blog, but in the last 7 months I have become acutely aware of how much support matters, how much the people around us matter even from a distance, and by extension how important it is to be the very same blessing to others as I’ve enjoyed.

Life is short. But it is also long. It’s painful and lonely. But it’s also sweet and wonderful. In my own way, I am fumbling through it eager to have it all mean something, determined to leave this world better than I found it. But the one thing I now know for sure is that there’s no way I can ever do that alone.