I’m Anna.

A former senior operations manager turned full-time traveler who pays the bills by writing high converting direct response copy and developing marketing strategy for brands. I fancy the term Customer Experience Architect because it’s probably the most succinct explanation of what I do. 

I’m Jamaican by birth but a citizen of the world. Travel and words are my two first loves.

I have a proven track record of helping my clients increase sales and get more customers with conversion copywriting.

What’s more, when you work with me, you get a partner, not a vendor – it’s a long term relationship. The sales and marketing goals of your brand become my own.

I’m not just here to collect a check. I’m here to ensure your success. My reputation depends on it.

My Areas of Expertise



4+ Years experience writing copy for marketing campaigns both independently and as an agency contractor for brands across the globe.

Marketing Strategy

4+ Years marketing experience spanning retail, publishing and consulting for small businesses.


Customer Experience

10+ Years of experience in customer support from the entry-level to senior management.

Operations Management

3+ Years experience managing teams and projects.

From the Blog…


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