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You Already Know

It’s only a problem if you don’t have a solution.  Too often we know the solutions to the dilemmas we face but we are too weak or self indulgent to take action and make a choice as needed. We know the ‘right’ thing to do (in the case of moral dilemmas) but would rather indulge and do the ‘feels good right now’ thing. Then we complicate the matter with “I don’t know” all the while desiring to do the thing but wanting absolution from accountability if we so decide to proceed. When absolution never comes (whether from that inner voice or the friend we hoped would collude and give us the yay vote) we stall indefinitely, pouting like a petulant child,  declaring with much melodrama that we don’t know what to do.
In failing to act or choose we continue to delude ourselves into thinking the issue at hand is one of mind boggling proportions and beyond our grasp. That route often times seems much easier than facing the music and making a choice or acting based on the information we have. Little do we know that the only one being played is us.

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