It started with a conversation with my accountability partner Yvette, who is also a brilliant copywriter. There aren’t many of us who freelance online exclusively in the Jamaican space (there may be others, I just don’t know them) so I keep her close. We feed off each other’s energy.

She shared an email with me from an American copywriter who’d made it big by reverse engineering her ideal outcome. That part wasn’t new to me as I’ve read a lot of books on strategy and mindset. The piece that connected was her saying for 12 months solid, every month she tried something new (a new offer/package/service) without reservation. Every. Single. Month.

And so it got me thinking…

What if I too gave myself the creative freedom to try something new every single month for twelve months? 12 ideas to spark my creativity, challenge myself and boost my earning power? What would that possibly look like and how could it change my life?

The more I thought about was the more I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I bought the domain name (I later decided to add the posts to this blog instead – 1 less website to maintain) with my first idea firmly fleshed out. The other 11 I’d figure out over the course of the next 11 months.

These were my conditions.
Each idea has to be:

  1. Low budget (because I’m still in the trenches doing the hard stuff (according to Robert Greene I’m knee-deep in my apprentice phase) and am not raking in the dough yet.
  2. Easy to implement (maximum 1 week for implementation with some flexibility).
  3. Predominantly digital if a product is involved since running a store with actual products will be next to impossible since I’m nomadic (or is it? Stay tuned…)

So that’s it. Those are my ground rules. Everything else I will make up as I go along. My aim is to chronicle the journey here and run a post mortem of sorts at the end of 2020.

I’d say join me for the ride, but seriously? I’m hoping no one stumbles on this blog until at least the middle of the experiment. So I’m not exactly sending out invitations (yes, I get that it’s on the internet. It’s my website. I pay for hosting and the domain so I can make whatever rules I want to. Sue me **insert sticks out tongue emoji**).

But seriously, if you happen to be lurking I suppose that’s ok, especially since I kinda sorta do want to share it if I’m being honest. It’s just the fear part that’s scary.

Anywho, here goes something/nothing/everything?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.