Today I stumbled across Steven Pressfield’s blog via Seth Godin’s blog (gotta love the way the internet rabbit hole works) and in addition to feeling inspired, I felt motivated to act.

Seth makes it a point of duty to post to his blog daily, while Pressfield seems to focus on consistency even if not daily postings. They both write consistently, I imagine, whether or not there’s something to say, although I suppose there is always something to say.

That’s the thing about writing. It’s a muscle that has to be flexed. We have to do it consistently and deliberately in order to be able to create anything at all worth reading.

And so it’s gotten me thinking – or more accurately, it’s taken me full circle back to my early days of blogging circa 2001 – perhaps the focus should be on writing every day with no thought for how many views, likes or shares a post gets.

As a Digital Marketer who has now crossed the divide to create content that drives consumers to action, it feels like I have forgotten what it means to write for writing sake. Being preoccupied with CTAs, email open rates, page views, and shares, content marketing has changed for me. But Seth and Steven, bless their souls, have inadvertently convinced me that there’s another way.

And so I’m trying to find my way back by resurrecting this blog and making into my digital notepad. The goal: consistency.

Even if it’s just a paragraph on what I ate for the day I must write something and it must not be overly self-indulgent. It must also NOT waste the reader’s time.

Wish me luck.