I have been thinking a lot lately about purpose, more specifically, the manifestation of it. As 2018 draws to a close with less than 3 weeks remaining many of us may find ourselves getting anxious. The unknown is a daunting thing. It doesn’t matter how many new years we experience, each one is a novelty we’ve never before seen, so some of the craziness is understandable.

Yet, we have in some ways been here before, standing on the cusp of something we alone have the power to control. Even if you believe in happenstance, serendipity and the like, the harsh cold yet life-affirming, encouraging reality is that every single one of us holds the key to the door of the year ahead. While we may not be in control of its actual occurrences, our reactions and proactive actions are all fully within our purview and control. We decide how the cards are played even if we don’t get to choose the ones we’re dealt. It’s a heavy and freeing realization and one that I have leaped headfirst toward.

As I get ready to concretize my plan of action for 2019 by writing in my planner and completing my vision board I am emboldened by this fact. I am in control. As are you. While we may not be in control of whether we live or die, are sick or healthy (though arguably much of this does lie within our control), we hold a far greater power – the power to determine how we spend whatever moments the universe sees it fit to grant us.

Let us march forth with conviction and do justice to this precious gift life so freely gives.