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Whoever You Are

A post from my personal Facebook account (August 26, 2014).


This morning, for reasons unknown to me, I remembered the five women – that child – who were brutally raped in their homes in St. James. They remain nameless because in the world we live in, the scourge of rape is such that the victims of rape bear the weight of shame while the aggressor dons the badge “Accused” without shame – as if that means anything – and is paraded in the courtroom to further taunt the already shamed victim seeking justice.

I don’t know your names but today I remember you and wish you strength, courage and wisdom on this journey I wish you never had to take, where you must relearn – like a child – to love the skin you’re in, that no longer fits but itches and chafes in places you cannot name; to appreciate your body as an instrument of love and not as a tool of victimization. I love you for your bravery to continue living in a world where what was done to you can ever be forgotten or passed of as “just the way it is”. Because it shouldn’t be so. And a prison sentence will never bring back the pieces of you violently ripped away by callous and coward men giving in to their baser, despicable selves. But know that there are others of us, who pray for your anonymous souls and trust that you are doing ok.

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