Living, Breathing, Work In Progress


It’s an innate need we often ignore because of a desire to preserve self. But I will forever maintain that vulnerability is beautiful. And necessary. If we want to truly experience love and acceptance we must be willing to allow those who we claim to love to see us as we are – flawed, wretched and undeniably human.
Make no mistake. Not everyone who sees you will accept you. Some will shelter their eyes from the glare of your truth, some will scamper off – frantic – in the opposite direction, incapable of understanding this nakedness that they themselves have not yet learned to master. And what they will fail to understand is that you are still learning. You have not mastered vulnerability. But you understand it enough to grasp its necessity. And so you must continue to try, to be the most honest representation of the self that you understand yourself to be and let that be enough. Once you have written that story, the reader that the universe intended will show up to devour it with all the passion, desire and acceptance your fragile heart can hold.

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