Writings, Musings, & Random Tidbits


I’m Anna.
I write, paint and make stuff.
Mostly for my own selfish, soulful gratification; sometimes for other people who pay me.

This blog is a digital notepad of sorts, where I empty my brain of random rantings.

My more commercially palatable thoughts (blog posts with references, sources, SEO considerations, and all the other things that make for great content marketing) may be found at That’s the website for my Digital Marketing agency.

Oh, and I recently left my day job to travel full-time. If you want to follow that journey, I blog about it at

From the Blog…

5 Life Lessons from a 5K Run

Last week I did my first 5k race in 10 months – the Sigma Corporate run put on by Sagicor Jamaica. I was out of shape as I have divorced my gym instructor and put my gym membership on hold (I’m going to cite irreconcilable differences here), so it was an...

Saying YES to Life

Before you say yes…Before you say yes to life you will instinctively want to say no (unless you’ve trained your brain to say yes, which, let’s face it most of us haven’t learned to do yet). Fear will cozy up under your arm claiming to be your best friend...

We are More than that Which is Wrong with Us

We’re all inadequate – every last one of us. We’re all not ________ enough (insert your own personal flaw). I myself need several blank spaces to write my own list of inadequacies and there are days when everything I do and everyone I encounter only serve...

Just Start

There is something inside YOU that the world needs to experience, YOU who play small and feign ignorance, hiding behind excuses and your own concocted insecurities born of the fear you cultivate with thoughts of all the time you’ve wasted and all the times...

Walking Away

I often wonder about the decisions we sometimes have to make, the difficult ones that often leave someone else hurting. It’s never easy when faced with a choice between self and other, especially where the ‘other’ is as highly prized as self. No one wants...

In Defense of Feminism

Feminism is dead. But only for those of you who have never had to live without the simple rights it stands for and defends. It is dead to you because your circumstances are such that you have never had to give its purpose any real thought. Those who crave...

Current Reads

My inability to focus on any one thing for any extended period means I am forever juggling books. Judge me if you must. I read to suit my current mood. Below are (three of my favorites of) the books currently in rotation. I will do my best to update these as soon as I’m finished with a title.