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Note to Self – On Pain

Dear Self,
Sometimes soon is never nearly soon enough and the pain you imagine you can’t bear for another minute seems to do everything but subside. It aches and nudges, a constant reminder that you are not nearly as far along this journey as you would like.

But know this. In the midst of feeling sorry for yourself know that countless others have stood where you now stand, wondering when. So think not too long on when. Instead, focus on your next breath, the next minute; live fully in the now and think not of those who have hurt you along this journey but instead on those who remain – inspite of what you have shown yourself to be. For those who failed miserably and unapologetically at the task of loving or respecting you, their time will come. Perhaps you may even be the very same compassionate soul to plead with the gods on their behalf when karma seeks to exact vengeance.

Hurt, whilst not necessarily an understandable necessity, is to our benefit. When taken as part of the bigger picture, its lessons are invaluable and exceed any knowledge we could possibly garner otherwise.
Use this moment in time – however long – for introspection. Learn the lesson like an eager student so you will never have to resit this particular module. Take careful notes which you may review as future situations call for them, or share with others who will regrettably have to walk this path and take this course too.

Whatever you do, strive not to be bitter. That is an energy you would do well to avoid, lest it should poison all your affairs, especially those of the heart. Bitterness will blind you to any future happiness on the horizon and condemn you to a life of loneliness so steer clear of it at all cost.

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