Change is constant. Life changes – sometimes in an instant, at other times gradually, under our watchful gaze. The soul that learns to accept and embrace this notion will lead a life of peace. Time is better spent rallying and rolling with the proverbial punches than wasting efforts railing against that which will surely come and remain, just long enough to change again.

Change will not always be pleasant. Some will be welcomed but at other times it may threaten to annihilate you and those you love. But know this – anything we face can be conquered. It is not for us to say what changes and what stays the same; but what we do get the power to control is how changes change us, what we take from them – the strengths we develop, the pain we walk away from, the bravery we learn to embrace, the love for self and others that we nurture, the fears we face and conquer, the challenges we surmount. That’s the part we get to choose. So choose wisely and live wholly and completely, knowing that change really is your friend and just wants to see you become the best self that it already knows exists.

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