Writings, Musings, & Random Tidbits


I’m Anna.
I write, paint and make stuff.
Mostly for my own selfish, soulful gratification; sometimes for other people who pay me.

This blog is a digital notepad of sorts, where I empty my brain of random rantings.

My more commercially palatable thoughts (blog posts with references, sources, SEO considerations, and all the other things that make for great content marketing) may be found at That’s the website for my Digital Marketing agency.

Oh, and I recently left my day job to travel full-time. If you want to follow that journey, I blog about it at

From the Blog…


I have been thinking a lot lately about purpose, more specifically, the manifestation of it. As 2018 draws to a close with less than 3 weeks remaining many of us may find ourselves getting anxious. The unknown is a daunting thing. It doesn't matter how...

The Secret

No one is coming to save you. You're the key to getting unstuck - not a guru or teacher, or some other person who's done what you so desperately want to do. Yes, there are lessons to be learned from others and there is something to be said for harnessing...


Solitude is its own kind of reward. Ask any introvert. We live for it, need it, take breaths only for the promise of being reunited with ourselves away from the watchful gaze and strange cacophony of other humans and their activities.It’s been a week since...

Sharing is Difficult

About a month ago I shared a post from my travel blog on Facebook. As these things go there were mostly favorable comments. But one in particular stood out to me - a young man who thought it necessary to take 20 seconds out of his day to let me know the...

Shaking Off the Rut

Today I stumbled across Steven Pressfield’s blog via Seth Godin’s blog (gotta love the way the internet rabbit hole works) and in addition to feeling inspired, I felt motivated to act.Seth makes it a point of duty to post to his blog daily, while...

Thank You

Throughout the course of a life so many people have an impact, make a difference, provide meaning. But more often than not, most of them seldom hear "Thank You", not because we're ungrateful per se, but because sometimes we fail to recognize their impact...

Current Reads

My inability to focus on any one thing for any extended period means I am forever juggling books. Judge me if you must. I read to suit my current mood. Below are (three of my favorites of) the books currently in rotation. I will do my best to update these as soon as I’m finished with a title.